Believe it and achieve it – well, not quite!

Many folks have heard about having a positive attitude but is that all there is to being successful?  The old addage ‘Believe it and achieve it‘ seems to have been kicked around a little too much in my view. And if it were strictly true then many more people would achieve success in their chosen endeavour.

But having said that, having a fair bit of simple belief and motivation can carry you a long way. Your reasons for what you’re up to mean a heck of a lot, especially when you’re self-employed or running a small business.

And in few other areas is your belief and motivation tested more than when you run a business or you’re self-employed.

When you run a business you have to absolutely believe that what you are doing is going to work, And that you will be able to make a success of your activities.

But have a think about this:

If you’ve ever been in any kind of sales role you will understand that believing in the product that you are selling is vital. You also have to have confidence and belief in your ability to make sales.

Without any of these key components you will not likely succeed because selling is very much about belief and confidence (more than skill much of the time).

But there is a huge difference between working in sales role and being self-employed.

That difference is that when you work for someone else you normally have a boss who will help you and support you and usually guide you in the right direction.

When you’re on your own you simply don’t have that, you are the boss, you have to find your own motivation, belief and encouragement.

And that’s where many people who start their own business fall down.

When things get tough, and they undoubtedly will, unless you have strong motivation and absolute belief in your enterprise you will almost certainly start to flounder (and in all probability).

So, what can you do to try and ensure that you believe in what you’re doing and have faith in your business and/or abilities?

One of the most important things to realise very early on is the reason or reasons why you’re doing this in the first place. This is fundamentally your motive, from which motivation comes. Without this motivation you are at a disadvantage to begin with.

Now your motive doesn’t have to be anything high and mighty. It could be as simple as “I don’t want to work for anyone else”. But whatever reason you have for doing what you do it needs to be very clear in your mind. Because in the tough times this should spur you on to take action despite how you feel at the time.

Personally I have a number of reasons for having a business, one of them is that I really don’t want to work for anyone else. Another is that I love having the freedom to steer my own career rather than having to rely on someone else’s pay or promotion structure.

I like being the captain of my own ship, so to speak.  And last summer I was able to just have a few hours off to watch our oldest daughter compete in her school sports day. I was only one of three parents there but it was great not having to ask for permission.

But do I struggle? Are there times when my motivation and belief aren’t so great? Do I sometimes think that maybe I should just get a job?

The simple answer is yes, like everyone else I have times of doubt. I don’t want to scare you off if you want to be self-employed but it really is like an emotional roller coaster at times.

But when I get a big hug my three-year-old daughter or a welcome-home kiss from my partner I’m reminded that there are very good reasons/motives for putting up with the stress that being your own boss can sometimes bring.

And these reminders give me the motivation to work hard, to focus and to have belief that what I’m doing is worthwhile.

And the key element here is knowing what it is that drives you. Without this there will be little motivation and you will struggle to truly believe in what you’re doing. And those reasons need to be your reasons, you won’t find much motivation and faith in someone else’s.

So, if you want to “believe it and achieve it” it you need to start with the reasons why you would want to achieve in the first place.

For a little more on belief and achievement read my piece called “you have to make change happen, not just hope for it”

4 thoughts on “Believe it and achieve it – well, not quite!”

  1. Hi Kraig, I think this is really motivational! If I were your coach, I would ask you to re frame the statement “I don’t want to work for anyone else” into a positive statement, as this will engender even more positive beliefs when you are tackling those crises of confidence. And as someone in the middle of a crisis of confidence, a big thank you for this blog!!!

  2. One of the best motivational blogs I’ve ever read. It’s effective because it comes from your own experience and you’re a great example of someone who is putting his own self-belief into practice – along with a lot of very hard work.

  3. Garry-John of the White Family

    You’ve missed a important part about the ‘Belief IS’ paradigm. The safety valve of creation from thought/belief both manifests from positive and negative. what you’ve laid out is great but just consider what you also DON’T believe.

    It works like this for example, thus setting your own development speed limit if you like. Lets say your beliefs are equally split 50/50 about a imaginary very specific project or goal. One side of you believes its possible while the other side of you reserves doubt.

    Choice is born either to do or not to do depending on your motive or intention, the DO or DIE. At this point the 50/50 changes into 49/51 (to move toward) or 51/49 to move away from). However you still have comprehension of the complete 100% still as that’s still your COMPLETE knowledge.

    Between these points comes time, action and experience of your journey to your goal. Depending on what you experience through time and action will effect the belief pattern to lets say 47/53 (to move toward) or 53/47 to move away from), again changing your experience of the journey of that goal.

    Of course we all experience massive fluctuations in our beliefs, from self observation and criticism to the same from others… again positive and negative. Which is felt and displayed by our thoughts and emotions and reaction to again the choice of continue or give up.

    Its all the process of creation of everything… and you do have to REALLY look at the details of your own life. But without the process of the above, you cant have the knowledge you need at destination (which is always moving BTW) without the experience and choosing of the journey. It would be a bit like a 4 year old waking up and being a accountant without learning the fundamental principles which gives rise to working knowledge.

    You have to be real careful and not give your own creative authority away to social peers, to follow in their foot steps if you will. Whats is some times is perceived as success is more often than not just the purveyance of a ideal image… put it this way… success SELLS BOOKS!

    Keep a eye on where your going for sure, but enjoy the trip, park up every now and again, take a rest, breath in the air, take in the view, say hi to someone new, kiss some one, hold someone, build friendships, let people go, have a party, have sex, make some art, write, sing, help another out on his/her trip…. But whatever you do MAKE SURE ITS YOUR TRIP and you are going there for THE RIGHT REASONS and not the reasons of others.

    Know this as others will know you

    Have a great day all 🙂

    Love, peace, and unity

    Garry-John, aka just another part of you

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