Why you should never stop marketing!

One of the keys to building a sustainable business is to ‘never stop marketing’.

It’s a common thing for people to stop doing the marketing when things get busy but this is a bad decision to make (and yes, it’s a decision).

I don’t know how many times I’ve talked with business owners who are resting on past marketing success and have stopped promoting.

My advice has been to tell them, every single one of them, that they should never stop marketing.

You see, the problem with this is that times change. And 2020 was a classic example of how a business climate can quickly make life difficult.

It doesn’t matter how busy you get, you should never stop marketing.

If you watch the short video you’ll learn about a small business that was badly hit by the Covid situation but they could have readily made things better by not having stopped marketing years ago.

And these guys aren’t unique. There are plenty of business owners in this position because they simply haven’t kept doing the things that won them the customers in the first place.

why you should never stop marketing

In April 2021 I sat with a business owner and he was complaining that work had dried up. After about an hour I helped him to realise that he’d stopped doing the things that he originally did to get his customers.

He didn’t need a new marketing plan, he just needed to revive the one that had worked before. It ended up being much simpler than he had though it would be.

Now, I’m not immune to this either.

I have a similar challenge at time of writing (June 2021) because my new business is beginning to gain some traction and I’m picking up clients. This means that I’m getting busier.

As a result I need to be extra vigilant. I must keep doing the stuff that gets my business in front of potential customers (i.e. the marketing).

So, no matter how busy you are, how much you think you have to do, never stop marketing. Your business survival depends on it.

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