Why taking time out to build your business is a good idea

Taking time out to build your business can bring loads of benefits.

In this video you’ll learn a few techniques that you can use to get that time out and how it can help you build your business.

Key points to help you build your business

Remember: it’s important to work “on” your business as well as just in it.

And the more often you do this then the faster your business will grow and the more focused you’ll be on the things that matter.

The most important thing about doing this is to get out of your normal workplace.

To build your business you need to make space for thinking and planning your work and goals.  Here's an idea to help you do that.

The reason is that you’ll have far too many distractions if you’re at the office (or wherever you normally work). You’ll feel like you’re at work rather than taking time away.

You can use a hotel lobby, they often have coffee shops. You could also use a cafe (although cafes these days tend to be quite noisy). You could even take a train journey for something very different.

But, you should definitely go to a place you don’t normally frequent. Remember, we’re trying to disrupt the familiarity a little so your mind will be less on ‘the usual stuff’.

You could also setup an accountability group.

This is where you meet with other small business owners on a frequent basis to kick things around, develop ideas, get feedback, help each other out etc. If you want to know more about it then read this article on how an accountability group works,

The whole point is to give yourself some thinking space can help you to develop ideas.

You’ll have the chance to think about what’s working (and maybe what isn’t).

One thing that I would encourage you to do is to use a notepad and pen for your thoughts and notes. If you use a laptop then you’ll be far too tempted to check emails or do some work and that’s not the aim here.

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