8 Top Business Growth Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur

Chelsea Baldwin shares her Top Business Growth Tips and also details about how she’s been able to adapt her businesses to the changing business climate. You’ll discover some of the key elements that have taken her from copywriting freelancer to serial entrepreneur over the last 10 years.

The things Chelsea discusses are:

Spotting opportunities

It’s important to keep your eyes open for opportunities. There are more out there than ever and inspiration can hit you at almost any time. So it’s important to be aware.

Also, make sure you act on your ideas as fast as possible. If you get early momentum then you’ll improve your chances of success.

Working on your business education

You’ll only build success if you work on your own business education. To be in business you need to learn how to think and make decisions like a business person.

Reaching decision makers

Interview with Chelsea Baldwin where she shares her top business growth tips

Reaching decision makers involves a bit of thought and planning. The thing to bear in mind is that relationships will always win over a sales patter.

Doing things differently (like lumpy mail) is a great way to get noticed in the first place.

Expanding a freelancing business

You have to focus on profitability. It’s vital to be able to sell and this is a skill that needs constant work.

Funnily enough, this is a grossly under-appreciated skill that can make a massive difference to your business if you work on getting good at it.

Processes and automation

You can’t grow a business without well worked-out processes. Successful businesses invest in systems that are as efficient as possible.

A big goal is to automate as much as possible to make your business easier to manage and make your life easier.

Standing out in your market

It’s simple to stand out in your market by showing up and being consistent.

The standards of customer-care are generally quite low, so work on doing what you say you’ll do (when you said you’ll do it). Also make you’re getting back to people in good time.

There are more top business growth tips in the podcast so make sure you listen to all the great insights that Chelsea shares.

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2 thoughts on “8 Top Business Growth Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur”

  1. Michael Fallquist

    Great episode that shows just what entrepreneurs can do to stand out in a competitive landscape. Even changing up what is seen as the typical formula can make a big difference in the long term.

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