9 Top self-employment tips from a successful social media marketing specialist

There are plenty of self-employment tips out there but it’s usually a good idea to try and learn from those who’ve been there and done it. In other words, learn from the success of others.

And in this episode of the Smashing podcast Libby Langley shares her story and what she’s learned along the way and what you can do to make your life and business better.

Libby Langley has been a social media marketing consultant and trainer for nearly 10 years and has met with great success and also experienced the challenges that being self-employed can bring.

She’s often eager to share her self-employment tips with those who want to do better and the interview is no different.

So, here are the key point that Libby shares:

Say no to what you’re not comfortable with. If something in your business doesn’t feel right then it’s probably not. You don’t have to say yes to everything (in fact it’s wiser if you don’t).

Price yourself properly. This is a biggie and where many startup businesses go wrong. Setting prices, especially for a service, should be a fluid thing as you learn what your market will tolerate paying.

Always have a brand. A bit of a woolly subject sometimes but it’s a good idea to try and aim for long-term recognition within your market. As you brand gets out there people will begin to recognise it.

Self-employment tips from Libby Langley - successful social media specialist.
Podcast and post from Auckland Marketing Club.
Libby’s self-employment tips can help make your life so much easier.

Be wary of subscribing to someone else’s idea of what your business should be. We’re often told that we should strive for more but more isn’t always better. What’s the point in having a growing business if it makes you miserable.

Profit is what matters, not turnover. Overall a business should make a profit, and that profit should be yours to enjoy. It’s not about shiny offices or staff but being able to pay yourself what you’re happy earning.

Being honest with yourself and your customers. If you say you can do it then make sure you deliver. If you can’t do it just be honest and say so. Your business depends on your reputation and your ability to keep your word is key.

You will experience adversity. It won’t always be plain-sailing, there will be tough times. So, you need be prepared for when it goes a bit rubbish. However, if you can cope with tough times then it makes you appreciate when it’s good and your resilience will give you a better chance of sticking with it.

You will have to make tough decisions. Along with adversity, you’ll be faced with difficult choices. In Libby’s case she decided to change the business radically which meant letting go of the staff and closing the office.

If you’re not enjoying it (and having a bit of fun) then make changes. Remember: you’re not a tree, you can move. Far too many people stick with something that they’re not enjoying and it’ll only damage your wellbeing.

Libby’s drive now is to provide high-impact online courses for self-employed people around the world and she can be found here : https://libbylangley.com

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