Passion alone doesn’t sell

I’d like to tell you a story about a friend of mine who started a training business with no business experience.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with starting a business and, to be honest, most people start their business with little or no business experience. Learning on the job is often the best way to learn.

passion alone doesn't sell
Passion alone doesn’t sell – OK, so this is a passion fruit but it’s kind of related to the topic…

The problem in this particular instance was that I sat down with him to help write a marketing action plan and his big thing was his passion for what he was doing. It’s brilliant that he has passion and, to be honest, his business stands a better chance of survival because of it.

But, his thinking (in terms of sales and marketing) was that he needed to make appointments to get in front of people to “show them his passion”.

He genuinely believed that when potential clients saw his passion they would buy.

Well, unfortunately, I had to burst his bubble because, when somebody is buying a business service like training, they’ll never buy it because the person selling it is passionate.

The only reason anybody buys any product or service is because they can see something in it for them.

In other words, you need to get across the reason (or reasons) why what you’re offering is a good thing and why the person or persons sitting in front of you should buy what you’re trying to pitch.

Unfortunately, passion alone doesn’t sell. Passion isn’t enough to make anyone buy.

Don’t get me wrong, passion is amazing and passion is brilliant. Passion can inspire you and motivate you to go on and do wonderful things.

But, unfortunately, when you’re in a selling environment, when you’re standing in front a potential customer, you can be as passionate as you want, but you’re never, ever going to convince anybody that they should buy from you unless you can give them the reasons for doing it.

And this normally means you being able to show them with benefits to them, their business, to their role, to their security, or any other benefit angle that you can think of.

You see, passion is great but benefits are what sell.

Don’t just tell people about your product. Tell them why it’s good, what it’s good for, how it will help, the kind of results that clients can expect. Get across the passion that comes out of doing a good job for your clients and the feedback that you receive from those clients.

Unfortunately, passion alone never sells anything. A good sales pitch that revolves around business benefits will always, always win over passion.

So, if you’re passionate about what you do, (and I sincerely hope that you are), try and turn that passion into benefit.

This video will hopefully explain in more detail:

Why is this passion good for your client? Is it sufficient for them to make a decision to buy from you because, until they can see this passion turned into “what’s in it for me as a customer”, they’re never going to buy.

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