How to get more done in your most productive time of day!

Your productivity isn’t always about writing lists and putting things in your diary. Learning how to get more done is often a combined approach of different tools and techniques.

A great way of maximizing your time is to know when your mind and body are at their sharpest and most energetic.

This simple, yet powerful, personal productivity hack can help you get the most important stuff done when you know you’re at your best.

This means that you’ll stop wasting your best time on non-essential tasks and really get to grips with what’s important.

This episode of the podcast explains how it works and how you can make it work for you.

Find your ‘awake time

You will have a time (or times) in your day when you’re at your most awake and energetic.

For some people this is early morning and others late at night.

The key thing is to be aware of that time and think about how you feel.

When you work out what these times are you can put them to use.

Use your awake time effectively

When you’ve worked out your awake time make sure you only do the really important stuff in that time.

And no; social media, emails and admin are not the most important tasks in your day.

This time is for the stuff that makes the biggest difference your business.

It’s time for marketing, growth planning, reaching out to customers, developing new products/services, researching new channels, and more.

The key thing is that you use this time for the things that will ensure the growth and long-term success of your business.

Work on focus in this time

The key thing is to try and give yourself the best opportunity to focus during this important time.

That means switching off distractions such your phone, email, social media and letting folks know that you’re not to be disturbed during this session.

Personally, I use this time for the “getting and keeping customers” stuff and it’s almost always at the beginning of each working day.

This may take a bit of working out but, I promise you, the results will surprise you.

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