Here’s why blogging is good for marketing

For some reason, only a small number of small businesses get the fact that blogging is good for marketing. But it really is the best way to get your website performing in the search engines.

This video shares with you the thinking behind this and how you can leverage your blog for marketing purposes:

In my web design business we always encouraged our clients to start writing blog posts.

The main reason is that Google loves websites with regularly updated blogs on them.

If you’re blogging more regularly and consistently than your competitors then it’s only a matter of time before your website starts out-performing the others.

You see, less than 5% of small businesses (including the self-employed) write regular blog posts. That’s right, less than 1 in 20. And there are 2 key reasons why they don’t. 1; they don’t feel that they have the time. 2; they don’t really see a blog as an important marketing activity.

So, the first reason why blogging is good for marketing is that a blog is very good for SEO (how your website performs in the search engines).

Another biggie is that a blog gives you content to share out on your social media.

Blogging is good for marketing and in this post you'll learn why and also how some small companies have done well out of writing regular blog posts.

And this works even better if you use a plugin to automatically share your blog posts out to your social channels on a regular basis. On this site we use Revive Old Posts ( which is free and works really well.

A blog is also very useful to help you establish credibility in the minds of your target audience, especially if you sell to other businesses.

You can write articles, opinion pieces, case-studies, instructional content (how-to’s), testimonials and loads more besides. They key thing is to make it relevant to your market.

Alright, you’ve realised that you need to write blog posts but how often should you write a post?

I’ve always recommended a minimum once a week. More if you can but weekly will do fine.

Over the space of a year you’ll have more than 50 posts, which is likely to be more than almost all of your local competition.

You should aim to write 500 words per post but it’s more about posting consistently than it is about meeting a minimum word count.

If you use wordpress as your website software, along with the Yoast SEO plugin, then you can keep tabs on how many words you’ve written and how the search engines will likely view your blog post.

So, hopefully you’re convinced that blogging is good for marketing but if you have question then just let us know in the comments below.

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