Why a focus on value can revolutionise your marketing

A focus on value brings so many different benefits to your business. It can simplify your product offering and this, in turn, makes your marketing so much easier.

Not only that, if your marketing is easier (because of the improved offering) your marketing success rates will improve too.

This short video explains the why and how:

So, why should you focus on value?

Well, let’s start with a very revealing statistic:

Over 90% of self-employed people and small businesses tend to speak more about what they do in their marketing than what their potential customers is going to gain from buying.

In other words, their marketing is all about them and not what the customer wants.

But those who focus on the benefits of buying will usually out-marketing their competition because they’re honing in what the customers are actually looking for.

You see, people buy things for a reason. And if your marketing isn’t highlighting the reasons to buy your thing then you’ll be missing the point of what your marketing should really be all about, which is your customer and their wants.

So how is it done?

Why a focus on value can revolutionise your marketing
Whatever business you’re in, a focus on value will improve your marketing

A good starting point is to ask your customers why they bought from you?

If you frame the questions right you’ll get some good feedback that be used to improved your marketing messages.

Another great thing to ask your customers is what they’ve gained from buying from you. We all buy things because we can see some benefits in doing so. And those benefits can become the core of your marketing.

For example; a cosmetic dentist should focus on how the customer will feel after their teeth have been straightened or whitened. The treatment was simply a means to an end and customers will buy because they’re convinced that the end result will be worth the money.

So, have a think about the end results, the benefits (or outcomes) of what you sell and focus on that in your marketing.

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