Email newsletters are a waste of space – here’s how to do it better

Email newsletters are dead!

OK, so it’s not quite that bad but nobody signs up to email newsletters unless you give a very good reason.

Here’s a better way of getting and keeping signups.

Here’s the thing: when did you last signup for an email newsletter? If you’re like most people, it’s likely to be a while ago.

And here’s why: your inbox is already stuffed.

So, how do you get folks to sign up to email newsletters?

The key things is to give them a reason for doing it. So, here’s a few ideas:

  • Offer a hefty chunk off their next order (if you’re an online shop)
  • Put up an offer for exclusive content (cheat sheet, special report, insider secrets etc)
  • Offer a free e-course – this works very well and can provide excellent buy-in from the people on your list

And then, when they’re on the list, make sure you’re offering great value too.

email newsletters are dead and here is why

So, give them a reason to signup and then loads of reasons to stay on the list.

You see, we’re all busy people and everybody feels that their inbox already has too much stuff in it. It’s just how we are these days.

This means that there are 2 key factors with email newsletters:

  1. Nobody really signs up to a ‘newsletter’ these days
  2. Everybody struggles to keep up with the emails they have coming.

So, to tackle the first issue; don’t call it a ‘newsletter’. Call it something else. You could even just call the ’email list’. But the idea of a newsletter is just about dead these days.

On the 2nd issue; you need to offer incredible value to keep people on your list. This means giving your list helpful/useful stuff or make it very entertaining so that they enjoy reading it on a regular basis. If you can combine the two then you could be onto a winner.

The key thing is that you need to do more these days to attract people to your list. Remember: nobody signs up to newsletters.

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