Why constant learning is only half the story if you want to improve

Constant learning is key if you want to be successful. However, it’s not the learning that will make the difference in your life and business.

It’s what you do with the learning that will make the difference.

This short video explains the idea of putting knowledge into ACTION:

We all know that It’s important to keep learning, after-all the business is constantly changing and you need to adapt with it.

But let’s look at the following phrases; “knowledge is power”, “leaders are readers” or “earners are learners”. And what I want to do is turn those things slightly around.

Because they’re not quite the whole picture.

First of all, let’s tackle “knowledge is power”. In all honesty, knowledge is nothing until it’s put into action. If knowledge was power why weren’t the librarians the richest people on the planet?

I know people with postgraduate degrees and yet they’re unemployed because knowledge is only useful and powerful when it’s put into action and when it’s used in some way towards a goal.

How about “leaders are readers”? You’ll find that people who get into leadership positions do tend to spend time (and make time) to get reading done. But then they action the useful stuff.

And finally ‘earners are learners’. What you find is that top earners are people who are constantly looking for ways to do better at what they do. They want to be sharper, get more done, do better, do business better, delegate more and are constantly finding out new ways of doing things better.

But the the key to all of this is to make sure you put that knowledge into ACTION.

Constant learning is just the beginning. Nothing will improve until you do the work to make things improve.

So here’s what to do with your constant learning:

Start with just one thing.

If you just take one little thing and put it into action and make it part of your business (or personal life) you will start the ;process of change/improvement.

And then you do it again a few weeks later and then again again a few weeks later I promise you that inside a year you will be so different. Your work will be different, your habits will be so different, your productivity will be so different, your results will be different.

If you learn something good; put it into action. Put it into effect in your work, in your productivity, in your work-life balance, in your home, in your marketing.

Whatever it is that you’ve learned put it into action!

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