How consistent branding helps your marketing

Consistent branding is key and here I want to share with you a quick tip on why it’s important to make sure that your branding is the same throughout all of your marketing channels.

This short video explains:

Okay, so what’s this thing called branding?

Branding is effectively the way your business looks to the facing public.

Now, a lot of people think that branding is just a logo. But that logo has to mean something to your business. Just a funny little graphic on its own isn’t going to matter much in the wider market, if that’s all they see.

For smaller businesses you need to make sure your logo means something, or at least says something about your business.

Branding is also about colours. It can also be fonts. It can also be colours of fonts. It can be a whole load of different things, the words that you use and the language that you use, et cetera.

Why consistent branding means so much:

When someone is interested in buying from you they will need to take a look at what you’re offering anywhere up to ten times.

Which means that they could be

  • checking out your website.
  • They could be checking out your Facebook page
  • your Twitter profile
  • your Instagram
  • your LinkedIn business page
  • your LinkedIn personal profile

They could be looking at all of these different areas, and it’s vital that you make sure that your branding is consistent across all of these platforms.

The aim is make sure that recognition starts to sink in.

Buyers are becoming smarter and smarter, and they are looking for verification that what they’re looking to buy, company they’re buying from and the reasons for buying it are all in alignment.

Consistent branding can make a lot of difference to your marketing results.

So you need consistent branding. If they look at your Facebook page and then go into your Twitter profile, it needs to look consistent. The logo needs to be the same. The colours need to be the same. The words that you use needs to be the same.

Be consistent throughout.

The key thing to remember is that someone can do an awful lot of research into you before they buy.

So people need to be able to see that there’s a consistent approach with your business and it reassures the potential buyer that you a are who you say you are.

And if they see this branding in multiple different locations, it should make them feel warmer towards you.

Confused people don’t buy

f there’s any dissonance in this, if there’s any bits that don’t look right, then it’s confusing. And confused people don’t tend to make buying decisions.

For example, your Twitter profile is vastly different to all the other channels that you’ve got, including your website, then they will notice and it will switch something in their brains to say there’s something not quite right here.

And that’s not what you want from a potential buyer. You want them to think, actually, these guys are okay. I’m seeing the same things, the same messaging, the same words, the same fonts, the same colour scheme, etc. Etc.

And that consistent branding reassures the potential buyer that you are a legitimate and are the kind of guys who know what you’re doing.

And ultimately it’s all about engendering some kind of trust or reassurance that you guys are okay in the mind of the potential buyer. And if there’s any discord in that, then I promise you they will be considerably less likely to buy from you so that’s it nice and simple.

It’s not difficult to do, but it could make a massive difference to the response rates in your social media in your online marketing.

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