Busy vs Productive – using time wisely can be hard work

The busiest week for some time and a possible lesson in the battle of ‘Busy vs Productive’

Possibly the biggest challenge when you’re self-employed is know the difference between busy and productive. It’s very easy to be busy, there really is never nothing to do. But being productive means having something to work on that will bring some money in or, at least, directly lead to earning some money.

The battle of busy vs productive
The battle of busy vs productive

Well this last week (and a bit) has been very busy and somewhat productive too.

Started on Friday 14th with Friendly Friday, a networking event for businesses in the south of Leicester City. It was very informal and very good, with a wide variety of people there. I’m hoping to be able to promote the group a little further.

Later that day I had a coffee and chat with Garry about life, the universe, business and everything. Very handy little bit of time-out.

Saturday, watched the World Cup game, played rugby (even scored a try). Sunday I went to church and then we all went for a walk in Abbey Park (which is a great place and another reason to love this city).

Monday was all about getting organised for the speed networking event that Rachel Squires and I run each month.  It went very well and we’re already looking forward to the next one.

Tuesday: website work.

Wednesday started off with Business Biscotti in Leicester City Centre and then an FSB networking lunch at Hinckley United FC.  A very handy event with two possible new clients as a result. The evening was an FSB branch committee meeting at La Tosca Italian restaurant on London Road, good meeting and very good food.

Thursday was about getting the email addresses into our networking database and the sending out an email promoting our next speed networking event in Leicester on 8th November. I also went in the city centre to get some fresh naan bread from the naan bread shop on Lee Circle in Leicester. If you like naan bread you’ll love it, 4 fresh-made naans for just a pound.

The naans were for the scout group since they were being tasked with making curry. It was very entertaining watching them prep a veggie curry. Shame the curry didn’t look or taste that appetising.

Friday was all about getting more website work done. A client has decided that red colour scheme would be more appropriate after I’d done a very nice looking grey and blue, sky-scene design. Oh well, will save the sky design for someone else.
In the afternoon I spent an hour with Hannah Weinberg discussing how we can get the networking groups in Leicester to promote networking beyond the normal scope of the self-employed networkers. It was very productive and hopefully we can expand the Leicester networking world (if the group organisers get on board).
Friday evening I went to the Leicester Tigers and watched them win, for a change (they normally lose when I go and watch).

So a very busy week, but not always productive.

I’m not really writing this to impress anyone about how ‘busy’ I am. Just as an illustration that when you’re self-employed time is really the most valuable asset there is.

The hard part is using that time wisely.

So if you’ve any thoughts on ‘Busy vs Productive’ then please let us know in the comments below:

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  1. To add to this, last week was half-term and so the kids were off, and we also had Emma’s parents staying with us.

    Getting stuff done was certainly a challenge.

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