Blogging made easy – Get those blog posts written in less time

Blogging is incredibly good for your website and can help your site perform better than your competitors.

The problem is that writing blog posts takes time and, if you’re already busy, you may not have any time to write.

So, this video walks you through some options to get content for for your blog in a faster and more time-efficient manner.

Obviously the most time-consuming method is to write the blog posts yourself but that depends on you having the time to regularly create content of 400 words or more.

To be honest, not many busy business-people have this kind of time available.

So, here are the fastest ways of getting your blog posts written:

  1. Use a voice-recognition software
    Software has really advanced in recent years with the likes of Siri and Google Voice search leading the way. Many phones now have voice-to-text software installed or apps you can download. You could also use something like Dragon Naturally Speaking which is the world’s best-selling VR software.
  2. Use a human transcription service
    I’ve used human transcribers before and it’s very effective, especially if you need it done for technical material that software might not easily pick up on.
    I use and recommend:
  3. Software transcription
    There are loads of websites out there for this including, and others. They tend to be very cheap but can suffer from inaccuracies if you have a strong accent or have a technical subject.
    I use and recommend:
  4. Get a blog-writer to do it for you
    This is increasingly popular and can be very useful if the writer needs to do some research beforehand. You can find blog writers on places like and can be very cost-effective. The best part of this is that you have to plan nearly no part in the process, you just specify what you want and let the writer get on with it.

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