How to be better at networking

We all want to be better at networking. But where do you start?

In this episode of the SSE podcast (recorded live at a webinar) you’ll learn some key points about making your message (your elevator pitch/speech) much more effective and how to get more out of networking in general.

There’s also a couple of examples of great elevator pitches to, hopefully, give you some ideas.

The key points are :

  • Tell me why I should be interested
    If you want to win potential clients from networking you’re need to give them something about you that makes you and your offering interesting.
  • Don’t just tell me what you do
    Just reeling off a list of services isn’t going win leads unless they are in the marketing for what you do right there and then.
  • Tell me what’s in it for me
    Nobody buys anything until they can see a clear benefit from doing so.
  • Use just one message
    Sell or promote just one thing. Confused people don’t make decisions.
  • If you say you’ll follow up, do it
    This is a biggie. Do what you say and you’ll develop a great reputation for being reliable. This will stand you head and shoulders about much of your competition.
How to be better at networking

Your elevator pitch is definitely something to work on if you want to be better at networking because it’s your opportunity to show your expertise and get your message across.

Have a think about the key message that you’d like to get across and how it will benefit those in the group.

And if you’re unsure about it then practice it a few times and then deliver to a trusted colleague to get some feedback. After all, this could be the only time that a particular prospect turns up to that event and you have just a few seconds to make that right first impression.

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