A time-effective way of creating products

At a recent networking event my friend, Emma, confessed that she’s love to write more stuff for her website but just doesn’t seem to have the time to sit and make it happen.

Sound familiar?

I know from my own research that Emma isn’t alone, I sometimes feel the same way too and so do many others.

But if you want to write more, there’s a couple of simple ways to get it done quickly and without spending hours on a keyboard (it’s even worse if you’re a slow typist like me):

The first way is to use voice recognition software. I used to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking which worked very well for me. It took a little bit of training (about 2 hours) but now has an accuracy rate of over 95% at about 100 words a minute, which is far faster than I could possibly type.

There are, however, other voice recognition software packages available and many hand-held devices (phones, tablets etc) will now have some element of voice-to-text app.

The second way (and what I tend to do these days) is to get a digital voice recorder to make a speech recording and then use a transcription service to type it up for you.

I use this method when I want a seminar transcribing. I record the material on a Digital Voice Recorder. I then email the audio file to a very cost-effective and fast company in New York (http://www.zoomtranscription.com/) and they email me back the transcribed text.

This works out very cheap considering the amount of time I’d have to spend in front of my keyboard were I to do it myself.

So there you have it, no more excuses for not creating more content for your website, writing your book or anything else for that matter.

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